Israel for All

People travel to Israel in many different ways. Some travel alone and others with friends or family. Some like to explore on their own and others like to be guided and taken to see the sites. On this page, we would like to suggest options for your Israel experience.

Weekly Tours

The weekly tours above are guaranteed departures from a minimum of 2 passengers traveling together.

  • Classic - 9 nights
  • Classic - 12 nights
  • Holyland - 7 nights Sunday
  • Holyland - 7 nights Wednesday
  • Holyland and Jordan 9 nights
  • Holyland and Eilat - optional Jordan 10 nights
  • Heritage - 9 nights
  • Heritage - 11 nights
  • Heritage - 12 nights
  • Heritage - 14 nights
  • If you plan to come to Israel for more than a week, these tours will give you structured guiding for the period of time you select but can allow you extra time to:
    - Spend time on your own
    - Visit family and/or friends
    - Take a side trip to Egypt, Jordan or any of the surrounding countries

    Customized Tours

    We can help you design a specialized tour for you, family and/or friends.

    - You may be interested in a tour but have specific dates in mind and do not want to travel with people you do not know.
    - You may want the tour to celebrate or commemorate a specific occasion.
    - You may want to include sites and have experiences that are not usually on standard itineraries.

    We can help you design a tour that would be appropriate for you and the people that you would travel with.

    Call us today and we will help you start your journey.