How can you live a healthful spa lifestyle every day of your life?

A spa does not have to be elitist or pretentious. It is about the joy of life. You can experience healthful eating and mind-body-spirit exercises for a balanced life.

Spas emphasize different things. Some are weekend getaways, in or near metropolitan areas. Men and women are finding that spas are ideal places to de-stress, eat well, be pampered and enjoy myriad physical activities and perhaps in a men or woman only environment. Families can find first-rate spa facilities as well as supervised activities for children. If you are seeking a restful, pampering program to improve health and fitness, we can help you find the top spas for mature spa-goers.

Health emphasis can be seen in the spas that are vegetarian, have detoxification and nutrition programs. They can help you stop smoking and transform your life. Sports emphasis is well organized at spas that have tennis, golf, beach activities, cross-country and downhill skiing.

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